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Deviled Eggs Recipe A Southern Style

Southern Style Deviled Eggs recipe that’s simple but has so much flavor, perfect for gatherings, picnics, and a good-looking side dish on your dinner table! This is the best-deviled eggs recipe I have tried so far but I will show you ways to make this deviled egg recipe a little […]

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Honey Mustard Recipe

It’s a Honey Mustard Recipe that will make your chicken nuggets and chicken tenders taste out of this world. Four ingredients are all you need to make this super yummy dip or salad dressing! After trying this honey mustard recipe, I can’t but have it at least three times a […]

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Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe

The avocado chicken salad is one of those salads that can replace a meal and keep you full for a long time. If you are into healthy eating or not this salad is created to please. In some of the images below, you’ll see my husband enjoying it with some […]

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Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe

Baked Mac and Cheese is a comfort food that no matter what type of cheese you use, or be it a stovetop mac and cheese, or baked with or without crumbs; this dish is a winner. For today’s recipe, I have added an egg to give a creamy texture to […]

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Mushroom and Rice Easy One Pot Recipe

Don’t look at this Mushroom and Rice recipe as a side dish, it’s so delicious you’d eat a lot and will want more. One pot recipe, easy to make and the cleanup is a breeze! I have some great tips to make this delight extra special so keep on reading.