About Me

about me I take it that you wanted to know more about who is behind Munaty Cooking, and that is why you landed on this page.

My name is Muna, I am a mom to a handsome and smart boy, and I am a full-time Food Blogger.

Munaty Cooking came to life years ago mainly to share recipes with my family and friends. However, with time it became my second home. Through this humble blog, I met many kind and wonderful bloggers, who encouraged me to take my blog to the next level.

Starting a food blog requires hard work, therefore I had to work on my food photography and on making Munaty Cooking SEO friendly. I had to learn many technical terms, and coming from a Banking background, that took some time.

I’m not a Chef, but I love to cook and create new recipes, you can say that I like to play with my food but in a creative and fun way, for example, I have decided one day to come up with egg-free desserts, and the result was:

eggless nutella cocholate cake 1
Eggless Nutella Chocolate Cake

eggless carrot cake 3Eggless Carrot Cake

eggless orange cake 7Eggless Orange Cake

Then I thought why not convert some dishes to low calorie while maintaining the real flavor, and the outcome was:

chicken alfredo 7

Chicken Alfredo

chicken teryaki 3

Chicken Teriyaki

instagramOh! I am on Instagram most of the time, why not drop by and say Hi! I would love to hear from you.