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Chicken Corn Carrot Soup

chicken corn carrot soup in a bowlToday I’m introducing my best friend, Chicken Corn Carrot Soup. This soup not only makes me feel better when I’m under the weather, but it helped me in my journey to eating healthy and losing weight.

close up image of chicken corn carrot soup As you can see, the calories are low, but believe me you’ll struggle to finish one bowl of this soup, since one serving is a lot to finish.

chicken corn carrot soup served in a blue bowl When you are trying to lose weight, you fight the urge to eat frequently since that’s what your lifestyle been for long time. Initially you’ll need some aid to help you go through this and this soup is the best answer.

overhead shot of chicken corn carrot soup It is creamy in texture and got plenty to chew on from the chicken and vegetables. You can make this soup your own, by adding more vegetables to it or different seasonings.

close image of chicken corn carrot soup When you try this soup, don’t forget to let me know how you liked it in the comment box below.



Chicken Corn Carrot Soup

Serves 2. 244 calories per serving.

1/2 cup raw corn

1 medium carrot finely chopped

220gm chicken breast boiled and cut in cubes

1 chicken bouillon

2 tablespoon oats

1 tablespoon flour

2 teaspoon olive oil

1 green chili cut in half (optional)

2 1/2 cups hot water


– In a pan, add oil and carrot, sauté for two minutes, and then add the corn and sauté for another two minutes on medium heat.

– Add the flour and stir well, then pour the water while stirring to prevent lumps.

– When the water boils, add the rest of ingredients and let it come to a boil again.

– Allow the soup to simmer for three minutes on low heat.

– Serve hot.



  1. Love the lighting of those photos and the soup looks just as good as the photos, Muna. Last, but not the least, the soup bowl…o man..I want one set too!

    • munatycooking

      Thanks Angie, I love this set too 🙂 I have another bowl with the same design on it.

  2. Can’t remember the last time I had a chicken and corn soup.. definitely craving a bowlful right now, it looks so delicious, hearty and comforting.

    • munatycooking

      It is a very simple soup and is done in no time, but has great flavor, I’m sure you’ll love it!

  3. This looks amazing and is seriously making me hungry though it hasn’t been long since breakfast:)

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