Eggless Banana Waffles

eggless banana cinnamon wafflesThe weather is changing and we got some rain. I love when it rains. I take my cup of tea with my breakfast outside, sit on the stairs, and enjoy the sound of rain showering the leaves around me. This time I made some Eggless Banana Waffles. (more…)

Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding

carmelized apple bread puddingWinter is here, and I like this season for many reasons, rain is one of them.
Rain brings comfort and harmony, and somehow just washes everything clean. In this season my family enjoys warm desserts and drinks, and today I’m sharing something sweet, light, and will keep you warm. My Caramelized Apple Bread Pudding. (more…)

Chicken with Rice (Asian Style)

chicken with riceOne day I woke up and thought what if I can make fried rice in different way? What if I cook it in one pot with dry rice? Well, I didn’t spend time wondering and went a head and made this different kind of ….. Hmmmmm! Shall I call it Chicken Fried Rice or just Chicken with rice? (more…)

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