Iced Green Tea with Cherry Syrup

iced green teaGreen tea is good for you. You should drink green tea. Why there’s no green tea in your kitchen? Do you know that green tea helps in losing weight?

All the above is what my close friend can’t stop saying when she visits me, she’s crazy about green tea, and keeping fit. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to take care of your health, but she take it very very seriously, I’m afraid she might turn her house into a big gym someday ;)

Today I want to surprise her and make some Iced Green Tea with Cherry! (more…)

Crepe with Saffron Sauce

crepe with saffron sauceLike many mothers and wives, I too have things to do around the house and it consumes a lot of time and energy. However, I pamper myself every now and then, that’s why I look forward to weekends. Everyone at home is a sleep and I can make my favorite breakfast, Crepe with Saffron Sauce. (more…)

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