Another Break!

Life keeps on surprising me but I have to thank God for these surprises are pleasant.

I wasn’t able to post much as you already know, and ‘m afraid I won’t be doing so for a while since I am working on another project at the moment.

Not sure when will I start posting again, but I guess I left you guys a number of delicious recipes :)

Take care guys and I hope to re-connect with you soon,

Wish you all, all the best.


Chicken in Creamy Sauce

chicken gravy 2If you have been wondering why I don’t post often then you’ll be happy to know that I’m studying.

Yes, I can’t believe it too, but I became a good girl and now concentrating on my studies. Hopefully I’ll be done this June, after my final exams. Your positive thoughts and prayers are highly appreciated, since as many of you know, I HATE STUDYING


Coconut Water Fluffy Rice

This Post is sponsored by Epicurex, but the opinion expressed is mine!

coconut water rice 8I was thrilled when I received Cocozia Organic coconut water and was eager to try it.

I know how a fresh coconut water tastes, and I couldn’t wait to taste Cocozia. I’m very particular about coconut water, since it is one of my favorite drinks, and I do know that some commercially made out there are not the real deal and leave an after taste. (more…)

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