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Middle Eastern Chicken Skewers

How can people BBQ out side in the summer? They must be very brave, but I’m not. In the summer, my activities are in the house, period. But if it’s summer and you’d like to have grilled chicken because you just love how it tastes when grilled on charcoals, then […]

Asian Beef Burger Recipe

What is a perfect burger? To me, the perfect burger is the one that I’ll enjoy having and would want more of. The perfect burger is the burger that has a mild flavor of spices, something like this Asian Beef Burger.

Light Beef Lasagna

I have posted a lasagna recipe before, my readers liked it, and were asking for a lighter version. The version I’m sharing today is light but scrumptious. Some hesitate when using uncooked lasagna sheets, but using the method I’m sharing in this post and video, the uncooked lasagna sheets well […]

Chicken Teriyaki – Low Calorie

Chicken Teriyaki – I love Japanese food, it’s quick to make and tasty just like this Healthy Chicken Teriyaki recipe. I like the fact that most Japanese food is low in calories, which might be the reason why you get hungry after having a Japanese meal. PIN TO MAKE LATER

Lemon Rice

The recipe of Lemon Rice I’m sharing today can be a great side dish or a meal. It tastes a lot like the stuffing of Grape leaves (An Arabian dish called Waraq Enab).

small image of light chicken alfredo

Chicken Alfredo Recipe

If you love Chicken Alfredo, but the calories scare you off, I got you covered. The alfredo sauce we are making today is creamy and flavorful but has no cream! Oh yes, there is no cream here, I have found a way to create the same texture and flavor with […]

Spicy Chicken Pasta Pizza

Do you like spicy food? Then I have something for you 🙂 You must be thinking where is the Pizza. There is no Pizza in this post, sorry! However, this recipe will make you think Hmmm Pizza, since it has similar flavor if not more.

Quick Beef Curry

Don’t be fooled by the name (Quick Beef Curry), this curry tastes authentic. It got everything a good curry has and more. The beef is tender and the spice mix is just right.

veggie burger featured

Veggie Burger – Vegan

I know I know, there are not many vegetarian recipes on my blog, what a shame! I’m going to fix that right away and will start with this simple and delicious Veggie Burger recipe which I hope you’ll try and enjoy.

Chicken stew. Hearty and healthy chicken stew, can be served with rice or bread. Is a popular scrumptious Arabian dish. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking #chickenstew

Arabian Chicken Stew Recipe

Arabian Chicken Stew is a popular dish in the Arabian Gulf Countries. The stew has tender chicken, potatoes and carrots, warm earthy spices like cumin, coriander, and black pepper; the blend of spices brings out the unique flavor Arabian dishes are known for. I won’t be exaggerating if I say […]

Cashew Chicken Recipe

Cashew chicken is my number one takeout dish, but when at home the flavor is even better. I enjoy cooking Chinese dishes, not only for the amazing taste but for the little time it takes to cook. Below is the quick cashew chicken recipe.