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Meatball Sauce with Spaghetti

It is true that you get extremely creative when you need something so badly, and today I wanted to quickly make dinner, therefore a new shortcut was invented. Yes, I’m talking about the fastest Meatball Sauce with Spaghetti ever (at least I think so.)

Chicken Corn Carrot Soup

Today I’m introducing my best friend, Chicken Corn Carrot Soup. This soup not only makes me feel better when I’m under the weather, but it helped me in my journey to eating healthy and losing weight.

small image of chicken biryani

Authentic Chicken Biryani

There are many recipes for Authentic Chicken Biryani because almost every state in India has its own authentic recipe for chicken, mutton, fish, and veg biryani, oh and let’s not forget Egg Biryani. Today, I’m going to share a quick way to prepare chicken biryani and get the same mouthwatering […]

Chana Dal – Split Yellow Gram

There are few meatless dishes, which I like, and I try to make those dishes tastes good, so when I feel like eating right or when the craze of working out hits me, I can still have delicious food, and enjoy every bite of it, like Chana Dal!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Last night I watched a cooking show, and the topic was on BBQ. Everything looked so good I could almost smell it. Obviously, I started craving BBQ food, and so I made BBQ Chicken Pizza 🙂