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Roasting A Frozen Turkey. Learn how to roast a frozen turkey while keeping it juicy and tender, plus the recipe for silky gravy made to match the great flavors from the turkey. Roast the perfect turkey. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking

Roasting Frozen Turkey the Right Way

Roasting Frozen Turkey – In this post, I will show you how to roast a turkey while it’s frozen, the tools you will need to keep the cooking process pleasant and safe, and how to make silky, smooth gravy that your family and guests will fall in love with.

Grilled Spicy Salmon

Grilled Spicy Salmon – Summer is over, it’s cold, and raining outside but guess what? I want to BBQ! This time the BBQ took place at home and I enjoyed it just as much. Have you tried grilling Salmon? If you did, then you probably know why am I so […]

Uzbek Plov Chicken Pilaf

Have you been to Uzbekistan? It is a beautiful country with gorgeous people. The landscapes take one’s breath away, it’s heavenly. I can’t take you there but I have brought you something special from that beautiful land and it’s called Uzbek Plov.

Beer Can Chicken with a Twist

It is BBQ time! Today we are BBQing Beer Can Chicken and we are adding a twist to the whole recipe. The weather is beautiful and it’s calling us to come out and enjoy its fresh air, warm sun light, and clear sky.

Sayyadieh Middle Eastern Fish Pilaf

The word Sayyadieh comes from the word Sayd and it means to hunt or to fish in Arabic. This dish is mostly prepared using fish but you can rarely find it made with chicken. It is a Middle Eastern dish, some say from Lebanon, others say it’s from Palestine but […]

Khichdi Rice Lentil Vegetarian Dish

Khichdi, pronounced as Kitchri is a simple yet delicious vegetarian dish made of rice and lentils. This is a popular dish in India and usually, is given to babies when they start having solid food, so yes this is a toddler food but there are two versions, one for toddlers […]

Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken Recipe

Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken – I’m sharing my take on the Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken recipe with you! I was hesitant when posting Jamaican Stew Chicken recipe since I made few minor changes to it and I know that there are some who are very particular about their Authentic Jamaican […]