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banana zebra bread 6

Banana Zebra Bread Loaf

In the month of Ramadan I get more creative (like most women) especially while I’m fasting, and believe me when you fast and you are a foodie, the number of ideas you get for snacks and desserts is astonishing. Banana Zebra Bread is a combination of two goodies, banana bread, […]

orange sour cream loaf cake 3

Orange Sour Cream Loaf Cake

I am writing this post with one eye almost shut and the other seems to be going in the same direction. I’m so sleepy right now but I have to finish writing this post because I am a professional blogger (giggling). I will probably regret this in the morning when […]

chocolate melting moments 2

Chocolate Melting Moments

When your career is about creating new recipes, your kitchen becomes a busy lab and at times take over your life and memory. Yes, your memory becomes weak and you forget about your favorite recipe, the recipe that made you scream “WOW!” like this forgotten Chocolate Melting Moments recipe.

mozzarella filled sweet doughnuts 3

Mozzarella Filled Sweet Doughnuts

I have a good news and a bad one regarding doughnuts in general. The good news is homemade doughnuts are far more delicious than anything you would buy from outside. The bad news is doughnuts keep its flavour and texture for few hours only. I will teach you more tips […]

blackberry bread pudding 7

Blackberry Bread Pudding

Waking up in the morning and finding a warm bread pudding waiting for you is like a dream. In my house this dream comes true every now and then, today someone woke up smelling Blackberry Bread Pudding and it wasn’t me!

vegan caramel sauce 4

Vegan Caramel Sauce

What do you do when one of your guests is lactose intolerant and the dessert you made requires caramel sauce? You improvise to make everyone happy and use this recipe for Vegan Caramel Sauce.

sweet potato cream caramel 6

Best Sweet Potato Cream Caramel

As long as I can breathe and stand on my feet, I can never get tired of coming up with new recipes. It’s true that sometimes I fail and the outcome of my effort is not only tasteless but looks ugly too, I didn’t give up for those times when […]

Apple Almond Cake

Apple Almond Cake

Everyone knows I have a giant sweet tooth, and baking sweet treats fills my heart with joy. I feel like celebrating every time I create a new dessert (l mean throwing a party for real). This may sound crazy to you if you are not a food blogger but in […]

Yogurt Coffee Cake Muffin

Yogurt Coffee Cake Muffins

You must be excited about the giveaway, but before the giveaway, let me share with you the story behind these to die for, moist and fluffy Yogurt Coffee Cake Muffins. Update: 1 – The winner is Stephanie Phelps. 2 – The recipe I was trying to make was for cookies […]

chewy pecan coconut oatmeal cookie 6

Chewy Pecan Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

Hello 2016, and I welcome you with a cookie, a Chewy Pecan Coconut Oatmeal cookie that is! People usually make a list of resolutions for the New Year, but I decided to work on my old ones and this time, deal with them for good. One of my resolutions was […]