Onion Pakora Crispy Fried Onion

Onion Pakora – Pyaaz ki pakoray (that was in Hindi). It is an Indian snack, crispy from the outside, fluffy and light from the inside. Usually, it’s paired with a cup of karak chai (strong Indian tea). The combination of chai and pakora is on point.

Fiery Falafel Recipe

People love falafel because it has a unique flavor and a crunchy texture. Fiery falafel is a vegan snack, although most people frown upon vegan dishes, they accept falafel with a big smile, let me tell you a little about these mouthwatering fiery falafels.

perfect parboiled rice 2

Perfect Parboiled Rice Recipe

Perfect Parboiled Rice – Cooking rice is easy, all you need is three ingredients but at times, you overcook the rice or under cook it, make it salty or use less salt. Today I am sharing my way of cooking the perfect parboiled rice. PIN TO MAKE LATER

hummus without tahini

Hummus without Tahini Recipe

Sometimes you just want to take a moment and think, how can the simplest things in life bring you joy and fulfillment. What I’m sharing today is a recipe for Hummus without Tahini that calls for the minimum ingredients and shortest time to make. it is extremely simple, quick, and the flavor is so good…

veggie burger featured

Veggie Burger – Vegan

I know I know, there are not many vegetarian recipes on my blog, what a shame! I’m going to fix that right away and will start with this simple and delicious Veggie Burger recipe which I hope you’ll try and enjoy.

Ataief – stuffed and fried pancakes

As a foodie, I try and cook food from different cuisines, I like the look on my family’s face when I bring something new to the table, a dish that looks good and tastes even better.By now or at least after reading my posts, you’ve probably noticed that I have a Big sweet tooth. In…

‘Quick and Easy Vegetable Curry- By Author Fiona Dodwell

Fiona Dodwell lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK and is an author of horror fiction novels. Her latest book, The Banishing, has recently been released with US publisher Damnation Books. Author Fiona was featured in MunatyCooking Magazine’s third Issue. The article is on page 16, where she also shared a very easy and healthy recipe…

Mujadara. Lebanese side dish turned into a meal in my house! Easy to convert to vegan delight by using vegetable stock. Lentils with rice topped with caramelized onion. You won’t believe how delicious this dish is until you taste it. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking

Lentil With Rice Mujadara

Mujadara – A Lebanese side dish which was introduced to me while at a friend’s gathering. It was served as a warm appetizer in small plates with caramelized onion on top and chilled yogurt and cucumber salad on the side. PIN TO MAKE LATER

Mashed Fava with Tomato

When I travel I make sure to bring back some great recipes, and (Qelabah) as it’s called in Yemen, is a must share recipe. People usually have it for breakfast, but I can have it anytime. It’s amazing how simple ingredients bring so much flavor. Adding olive oil at the end makes this creamy delightful…