Breakfast Ideas for a Great Morning

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Crepes Recipe

Crepes, tried ones loved forever kind of dish or shall I say breakfast, did you know that it can be dessert too?! Crepes can be sweet and savory, can be filled with strawberry and chocolate and can be filled with chicken and mushroom sauce, but for today’s post we will […]

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Salmon Patties Easy Recipe

Salmon Patties are great for breakfast or brunch, in this salmon patty recipe, I am using canned salmon. Fresh salmon can be used in this recipe if baked and then flaked. I will show you how to make a canned salmon tastes out of this world with few ingredients.

Strawberry Fridge Jam. Homemade strawberry jam recipe. Made from scratch strawberry jam’s flavor won’t be found in the store bought. Make your own jam in easy steps and with three ingredients only. This strawberry jam recipe has no pectin. | @munatycooking

Strawberry Fridge Jam Homemade Recipe

Strawberry Fridge Jam – This jam recipe is the same one you’d use to make a long shelf life jam, where you sterilize the jars and the seals, later submerge the jars in boiling water to help in sealing it, and finally store the jam for a year or so.

Blueberry Waffles Recipe

This morning was slow and lazy! I didn’t want to leave my bed. My eight hours of sleep were fully consumed but I wanted three more hours, it’s insane! I rarely feel this way and it was a pain to get out of this mood, but I had a plan […]

Buttermilk Fluffy Waffles Made Easy

I had these buttermilk fluffy waffles for breakfast and I’ve enjoyed it so much I thought why not let you taste some! By now and if you are following my blog, you know that weekend breakfast is always special to me since I have all the time to prepare and […]

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Sweet Potato Raisin Honey Side Dish

You know by now how crazy I am about everything sweet potato. Sweet potato raisin and honey is a popular side dish. At home and at times, we have it as part of our breakfast. It is a tasty side and I don’t have enough words to describe how awesome […]