Cashew Nut Chicken

cashew nut chicken mainAs I’ve must have mentioned in my posts before, I enjoy cooking Chinese dishes, not only for the amazing taste, but for the fact that it is cooked in no time, and is a very smart way to hide the taste of vegetables for those who are not fond of it.

cashew nut chicken5 I used to wonder why the chicken is so tender in all the Chinese dishes, and have made some research too. Some use Baking Soda others use Corn Starch.

cashew nut chicken9But I do believe it’s the method of cooking the chicken. When you throw the chicken in a smoking hot pan, the outer layer get sealed, trapping the juices within, allowing it to cook slowly from the inside out.

cashew nut chicken10 Cashew Nut Chicken is a delectable dish and if you search the net, you’ll find different versions of it. I choose what is more to my taste, but feel free to be creative and add more vegetables, or instead of Cashew choose a nut that you like.

cashew nut chicken12 This dish will not take time to cook, since there is no marinating involved, keep all the ingredients ready and close by before cooking. Everything will cook quickly and if you forgot an ingredient and spent time searching for it in the middle of your cooking, I’m not sure you’ll be pleased with the out come!

Cashew Nut Chicken
Serves 3. 367 calories per serving.

300 gm boneless, skinless chicken thighs, cut into bite size
1/4 cup cashews
4 or 5 dried red chili dundicut
2 Tablespoons oil
2 garlic cloves cut into thin slices
2 Tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
2 medium scallions chopped

1 Tablespoon soy sauce
1 Tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
Black pepper
1/4 teaspoon brown sugar
5 Tablespoons warm water
To make the sauce:
– Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Keep aside.

Making the Chicken Cashew:
– Fry cashews and dry chili in 2 tablespoons hot oil until golden in color. Set aside.
– Mix chicken with flour until well covered. Fry chicken in previous hot oil until golden in color, about 3 minutes. Cover and set aside.
– Add onion and fry for 1 minute.
– Add garlic and then chicken, stir for 1 minute. Add cashews.
– Pour sauce mixture over all and stir well for few seconds. Add chopped scallions, stir for few seconds, then turn of heat.
– Serve hot.



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