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Feature image of mushroom and onion galette post.

Mushroom and Onion Galette Recipe

I bring you a Mushroom and Onion Galette recipe! It is great for breakfast or even brunch. I understand why people love Galette, the crust alone is delicious and when you add to it caramelized mushroom and onion it becomes a hit every time you make it.

roast chicken post feature image.

Roast Chicken A Delish Skillet Dinner

Roast chicken looks great on the dinner table, especially if you had guests over. Today’s roast chicken recipe is not only delicious and crowd-pleasing, but it looks gorgeous. Crispy from the outside, juicy and tender from the inside, perfectly roasted chicken prepared with minimum ingredients.

African black eyed peas rice 3

African Black Eyed Peas Rice

Today’s dish comes from Africa, some say it is Nigerian, others claim that it is an authentic Ghanaian dish. In my opinion, it does not matter where it came from, the important part is that I have the recipe and I’m going to share this African Black Eyed Peas Rice […]

Lamb in Spicy Thick Gravy

[Lamb in Spicy Thick Gravy] HELLOOOOOOO! I know, I know. It’s been a very long Holiday, but I really needed it, and I’m glad that while I was away you guys were still visiting my blog. Thank you so much. You must be wondering where did I go and what […]