You know you want it – Cool Nutty Delight

In issue 2 of MunatyCooking Magazine, we featured Author Su Halfwerk, whom I happened to share genes with. Su spoke about her latest book released on March 2011 Intricate entanglement,short thrilling twisted stories that lead you to wonder, where is the truth? Who is the victim? And if the characters were actually entrapped.   
She mostly writes horror but touched everyone’s heart with her Paranormal Romance novel His to posses, which became finalist at the prestigious 2011 Epic’s eBook Award Competition. 
I have asked her to make something for MunatyCooking Magazine, although she was in the middle of her book tour, she managed to contribute with something sweet.
Cool Nutty Delight, 5 minutes is all you need to make this baby. Find out what it is and read her take on food. The article and recipe are on page 14-15 in MunatyCooking Magazine Issue 2.
Don’t forget to visit her blog and check out her books. 


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