Sun Cups Nut Free and Gluten Free – Review


Today I’m reviewing Sun Cups Candy which are nut and gluten free. The first thing I appreciated is the fact that Sun Cups have created these amazingly tasty treats keeping in mind many who suffer from allergic reactions toward gluten and nuts. Kids can now have and enjoy these flavorful chocolate cups safely.


The chocolates I had before claiming to be gluten free, for some reason had an after taste or were just too sweet lacking the taste of real chocolate. However, Sun Cups did surprise me in a very nice way.


Sun Cups uses high quality chocolate and you can see, smell, and taste that. My favorite was the Milk Chocolate Caramel Cups, the caramel although was smooth but was not runny or messy.



Dark Chocolate Mint Cups, are the real deal and shall I say a luxurious treat. The dark chocolate complemented the mint and if you are a chocoholic, you will get a kick out of it. What might look different is the mint filling, usually it’s green but Sun Cups mint filling have a tanned color. That did not bother me since the taste of mint was perfectly balanced.


My husband and I enjoyed these cups a lot and we recommend that you try them out since they come in different flavors and will satisfy everyone’s taste.


To those who read cocoa liquor in the ingredients and were worried. Cocoa liquor is not an alcoholic drink or booze. Cocoa liquor is a combination of cocoa solids and cocoa butter that is obtained when cacao beans are processed to make chocolate products. (Courtesy of

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