Snack time With Outshine Fruit Bars


You know by now (If you’ve been following my blog) how important me time is for me. I am a full-time blogger and that is a serious job.

Blogging takes a lot of my time and energy. My time is spent almost daily on cooking, taking photos, editing, etc. Yet, blogging is what I love to do the most!

outshine fruit bar 1

outshine fruit bar 2

Me time is my break time, a time so precious when all I concentrate on is Me! It can be an hour or two but it must include pampering, relaxing, and clear mind. I achieve that by reading, watching my favorite program, or walking, but today I will indulge in something healthy and tastes oh so good!

Outshine fruit bars are all natural, has no GMO, healthy, and are good for you. Fresh Tangerine juice is what I tasted in these Iced Tangerine Bars. The sweetness is balanced and the flavor is so refreshing. My husband loved these bars, he is very particular about what he snacks on and I’m glad that we were introduced to these delicious bars.

outshine fruit bar 4

There are many other flavors to try, Frozen Yogurt and Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango, and much more. You can find out if the store near you carry these bars by using this Product Locator. Outshine is available in Martin’s Food, Stop and Shop, Giant Food Landover, and Giant Food Carlisle.


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