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How to Setup Your Account on Bluehost – Quick and simple tutorial

How to Setup Your Account on Bluehost This is Part 2 of how to start a profitable blog and make thousands a month.

If you are serious about making money through blogging, then you should choose a reliable web hosting company. Self-hosting service can transform your blog into an attractive and secure business.

It is a smart investment and you will not break your bank account for this.


Read my post 13 Reasons Why You Should Self-host Your Blog to learn the importance of self-hosting.

In this post, I will cover:

Why I chose Bluehost.

How to setup your account on Bluehost in minutes.

How to install WordPress using Bluehost.

Why some bloggers frown upon Bluehost.

How to beautify your blog and add ecommerce services.

Why I chose Bluehost.

In business for more than 13 years.

Bluehost is a well-known web hosting company established in 2003. It is still going strong and provides different and new services for its customers. Bluehost has gone through ups and downs and gained utmost knowledge in preventing glitches and providing great services as a result of their long experience in the hosting industry.

I do trust a company that aggressively promotes itself, launches amazing new services, and has built a strong foundation.

Light on My Budget.

To setup an account with Bluehost all you’ll pay is $3.95 a month for the basic plan (They do run special offers frequently with lower price.) Great services and products included in the basic plan and most of the services are for free. If you are not happy with Bluehost for whatever reason, you can get your money back within the first 30 days of purchasing the hosting service.

The online Customer Support Chat is Worth a Million.

No one can guarantee a consistently smooth operating website and when hiccups happen you need help immediately.

When using the online customer support chat service, you will chat with a real human available 24/7 to whom you can explain problems and concerns faced and get them fixed.

I have once installed a plugin to my blog and for some reason my whole blog went blank, I freaked out big time. I instantly reached out for their online chat support and explained what just happened.

Not only did they solve the problem, but they also eased my worries and brought my blog back to life. Of course, I cursed that plugin and deleted it!

The online chat support is not only for tech issues but for any other queries like, billing, SEO, upgrading, sales…etc.

Easy to Setup.

Setting up a new account and installing WordPress is almost a breeze when using Bluehost. You are up and running in just few minutes.

To setup your account you have to first visit Bluehost website.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 1

Click on get started now and you will land on the plan’s page from where you can choose a hosting plan.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 2

I believe that the basic plan should be sufficient for your needs, but if you’ve been blogging for long time, have more than 200 posts and big images, then the plus plan will be a good fit.

Bluehost will ask if you want to register with your own previously bought domain name or you prefer to get a domain through them. Choose the option that applies to you and hit next.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 3

Enter your information on the page shown below and check the package information.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 4

Make the payment.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 5

Choose a password.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 6

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 7

Even if you have a theme in mind, choose any for the moment. They’re free and you can easily install any theme you like later on.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 9

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 10

Click on start building to start installing WordPress.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 11

If you choose business you will get options through which you can receive payment from your customers on your website/blog, but you can later on do the same with your personal blog by installing a plugin that takes care of your e-commerce setup. At the moment, choose what you see fit, and you can always change it later.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 12

It’s best to launch your website/blog when you are done installing the plugins, widgets, and creating pages.

How to Setup Your Account On Bluehost 13

Remember; you can always seek help from an online customer service representative at any time you feel stuck or confused.

Frequently upgrades and update their services and products.

Why some bloggers frown upon Bluehost.

Frankly, I got upset with Bluehost few times and was ready to drop them. So when I hear other bloggers complain about Bluehost I totally understand. BUT…

Bluehost is like any other business, with its good days and bad ones. I had my share of the bad ones but compared to the good days I decided to stay put and continue using them.

There are times when your website will either load really slow or won’t load at all; the reason most probably is because Bluehost was updating its servers at the time. However, not every time Bluehost updates its servers your blog/website goes offline.

This is not a Bluehost-only related incident, it can happen to any other well-reputed web hosting company as well. Understandably, this can infuriate any blogger…maybe a little more if he/she is running a campaign, promoting a product or a sponsored post when this happens.

Bottom line is; it can happen anytime and with any hosting company.


Sometimes you have to wait for more than 10 minutes to get an online customer service representative, this usually happens when incidents such as the one mentioned above take place. Naturally, everyone panics and seeks online help at the same time for the same problem; hence you spend longer time waiting.


It is very rare to find a customer service representative who can’t understand the issue you are facing or can’t provide a proper solution (it happened with me about three times in the past 5 years.) when this happens, you can always ask for another representative to talk to.


The negatives I mentioned above can happen with your phone carrier, Cable TV provider, or even at your Doctor’s office.

How to beautify your blog and add ecommerce services.

Now that you are all set and have created a blog/website, you have to consider a theme that represents and reflects your niche or business. You might want to start with free themes, I did so in the beginning.


When my blog grew and I needed to add more widgets and plugins, my free theme almost collapsed. It didn’t give me many options and free themes usually do not come with Technical support. I was stuck and wasn’t interested in spending money on buying a theme. Eventually I had to and was so glad that I did.


A professionally designed theme will increase the speed of page load, your blog will look fresh, and most of those themes are responsive which means it will look good on any device. These features help you rank better with Google and other search engines.

If you want to sell products or services through your blog, a good theme can create a great shopping experience for your clients.


Try Elegant Themes, it has more than 80 clean and responsive themes for all niches and when you purchase the package, it comes with all the themes and Plugins.

After creating a blog using Bluehost and then beautifying it using a good looking and clean theme, you are ready to spend time writing all those mind blowing contents you wish to share.


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