Orange Waffles – Low calorie

waffles orange 1I am on the journey to converting my favorite and popular recipes to lighter versions. It brings me great joy to introduce quick to make, easy, and lighter dishes yet flavorful to all those who are just like me, to those who are busy, appreciate food, and want to adopt healthy living lifestyle.

waffles orange 2Some of you might ask, why don’t I use sugar substitutes, tofu, soy, or meat and chicken substitute in my cooking. Well, the answer is simple, I couldn’t develop a taste for them. Maybe I’m yet to discover a good brand!

waffles orange 6Today I’m bringing my son’s favorite Orange Waffles, they are light and with less calories you have enough room for a glass of juice or milk on the side, maybe coffee with milk, and plenty of fruit.

waffles orange 7Let’s get started!

Orange Waffles

Make 6 waffles. Each is 112 calories

3/4 cup all purpose flour     

1 cup low-fat milk

1 medium egg   

1 tablespoon oil  

1 tablespoon sugar    

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

2 tablespoons orange juice

Pinch of salt


To grease the waffle maker:

2 teaspoons cooking oil to grease the waffle maker


– In a bowl, add the flour, baking powder, and salt. Whisk well and keep aside.

– Beat the egg with oil, vanilla, orange juice, milk, and sugar.

– Add the flour to the previous mixture and stir gently. Over mixing this batter will make the waffles tough. Do not mind the lumps if there were any.

– Preheat waffle maker. Use a cooking spray, pastry brush or a paper towel to oil both the top and bottom plates of the waffle maker. Do so before making each waffle, to prevent it from sticking.

– Depending on your waffle machine pour enough batter, when done serve hot.


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