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shadow with reflectionThe Shadow was watching her again.

Sometimes he would approach. On those occasions Sophie Diem tried to run. Running was pointless, though. He would always return. And he would always ask the same question…

Where is Nathan Bethard?

Sophie’s boss has skipped town, abandoning their counseling firm. Now a stranger is stalking her. In an attempt to flee him she seeks a new job…in London. Surely crossing the Atlantic would be enough to deter her Shadow.

But what Sophie learns is that the Shadow does not have evil intentions. In fact, he may be her only ally–her only protection.

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mist with reflectionA mysterious footlocker washes up on Livvy McKay’s shore. Minutes after recovering it she is assaulted by an intruder. Wounded and unable to give chase, she is startled by a knock at the front door. A stranger is looking to rent a boat from her business, McKAY’S CHARTERS. Livvy doesn’t believe in coincidences. Especially when the stranger is wearing black−just like her assailant.  

Jack Morell is a desperate man. After receiving a cryptic phone call from his uncle−a call spiked with the sound of gunfire in the background, he is frantic to locate his uncle’s ship. Warned to use discretion, Jack opts to rent a boat from McKAY’S CHARTERS for his search.

A defiant Livvy grills Jack, but deems that he is not her assailant. In fact, she learns that the trunk belongs to his uncle. Together, they uncover its contents, and now they are being hunted.

Someone doesn’t want the world to know what is in that trunk. Someone who is well-connected.  
Unable to trust the authorities, Jack and Livvy have only each other. Will it be enough to survive the Atlantic’s frigid clutch?

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Maureen A Miller In a job that required extensive travel, Maureen spent her airport layovers doodling up plots as an escape from the chaos around her. Somehow it was easier to accept being stuck in a snowstorm in Detroit while writing a suspense scene on the shores of Oahu.

When she is not writing, Maureen often divides her time between complaining about or cheering for her beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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