Journey Bites Subscription Box Review

Journey Bites Subscription Box – This post is sponsored by Journey Bites but the opinion shared is all mine!
I was excited when I received my first ever subscription box. This month was all about Mexico at Journey Bites, so they sent me a box full of Mexican snacks.

Journey Bites Subscription Box Review

Opening the box and seeing all those snacks got me excited and feeling like a little kid again. I couldn’t wait to try every treat. I was curious!

As a food blogger and someone who enjoys Mexican food, I wondered how Mexican snacks would taste. I had a feeling that some of these snacks are going to be spicy and guess what? I was right.


Journey Bites Subscription Box Review

It’s interesting to know what people from different countries enjoyed as a snack and this subscription introduced me to some flavors that I have never experienced before.

Journey Bites Subscription Box.

Hubby and I taste tested the snacks, some were sweet but mostly were savory, tangy, and spicy. We loved some, couldn’t decide on others, and there were few we didn’t care for. These snacks had a combination of flavors that we hardly get exposed to. It was fun going through these snacks. I can’t wait for my next snacks box.

Journey Bites Subscription Box Review

If you are interested in receiving a new snack box from a different country every month then visit Journey Bites and subscribe. You will receive the snacks of course, with it you will also get a card that has more information about each snack. I appreciate having that card because my husband and I are allergic to some kinds of nuts and since the snacks were from a foreign country, some of the titles were not written in English, the card included a colorful and accurate illustration of each snack.

Visit Journey Bites and subscribe.


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