IONUTRITON Meals – Review

This post is sponsored by IONUTRITON, but the review reflects my honest opinion about their products which I have received for free.

I always prefer homemade food, not only for the taste but for the fact that you know exactly what went in it and you can modify it to your taste and liking.

When I was asked to review IONUTRITON I was a little hesitant. I did try readymade meals before and been disappointed few times.



Trying IONUTRITON left me surprised! I have received Healthy Granola (breakfast), Mushroom Frittata (breakfast), Parsley Cauliflower Brown Rice with Chicken Breast, Orange Sesame Salmon Bowl, Basil Balsamic Chicken Thigh, and Balsamic Kale & Ground beef.

These meals were not only filling and delicious but were under 500 calories, except the Parsley Cauliflower Brown Rice with Chicken Breast which was 600+ calories. The vegetables tasted fresh and had a crunchy texture, which means it’s not overcooked and is maintaining most of its nutrients.


The chicken thigh was tender, the chicken breast was juicy and flavorful. Chefs at IONUTRITON did a great job with the seasoning, the meals were not over seasoned and the amount of salt was just right.

The only dish that I didn’t enjoy was the Mushroom Frittata, and that could be my mistake, I guess I overheated it. Comparing the Mushroom Frittata to the other meals, it wasn’t as flavorful and was dry.


Let me not forget the salmon which was a hit and my favorite among all. The salmon tasted fresh, was tender, and the seasoning enhanced its flavor.

I know that you come to my blog looking for recipes to try, but if you travel by car, if you have a hectic lifestyle, or if you are on a special diet and looking for a healthier option, IONUTRITON can make life easy.  

You don’t have to leave your house to buy IONUTRITON meals, order online or call them, and they will deliver your ordered meals to any place in the USA.


Thank you IONUTRITON for sponsoring this post!


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