How To Start A Food Blog

Starting a food blog is fun if you are into cooking and sharing recipes. The foodie world is huge and has a place for every food lover.

If you’ve been following food blogs, you’ll know that foodies are usually supportive and friendly. You can see that from the posts and comments on each food blog.

There are different types of food blogs. There are  those that are dedicated to baking, others about low calorie recipes, and some like to have it all.

When I wanted to start food blogging, I was hesitant, especially after seeing the quality of posts and food photos foodies share on their blogs, but then I gathered my courage and started blogging in 2010.

My pictures were not perfect–and I don’t want to say that it’s perfect now since I’m still learning–but my picture-taking skill has improved, thanks to my foodie friends who kept encouraging me.

I’m sharing with you things I wish someone told me right when I wanted to start blogging, I would’ve avoided some mistakes done here and there. Then again, learning from my mistakes was one of the reasons of my improvement.

Please keep in mind, I’m not in anyway a Guru. These tips are only what I learnt and I’m just sharing, so feel free to take it or ignore it.


This is how you can start a food blog:


– Pick your niche: Do you want to bake? Would you like your blog to feature desserts only? Should it be different cuisine? Or healthy food recipes?

– Choose a domain name: This is important and you should try to make it catchy. I suggest you buy yours, it’s cheap.

– Hosting your blog: and are free, and they are widely used by foodies. However, it is my advice to host your own blog.

– Now it’s time to choose a theme: Choosing a theme for your blog depends totally on your taste. But keep in mind that light colors in food blogs are encouraged. You’ll be posting pictures of food, therefore light background brings out the color in your photos.

– Gather your recipes and save them as drafts on your blog. This will save you a lot of time. Later on, and before publishing the recipes, you can edit your post and add photos.

– You will need a digital camera to take pictures of your creations. It doesn’t have to be an expensive camera. In my next post I’ll show you how to take good pictures using inexpensive digital camera and editing them in a free photo editing software.


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