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Small image of sweet potato pie.

Best Sweet Potato Pie Recipe Soul Food

A homemade southern Sweet Potato Pie has a rich flavor coming from the blend of warm spices, it also has a souffle-like texture thanks to the eggs and evaporated milk. This freezer-friendly pie has a buttery and flaky pie crust made from scratch and beats any store-bought pie crust any […]

Feature image of sweet potato casserole recipe post.

Sweet Potato Casserole Easy Recipe

Sweet Potato Casserole is easy to make a side dish and you can make it ahead.  Sweet potato casserole stores well and will please your family and guests. Topped with streusel and toasted pecan, this side dish (which I like to think of as a dessert) is a delicious treat!

sweet potato raisin butter

Sweet Potato Raisin Honey Side Dish

You know by now how crazy I am about everything sweet potato. Sweet potato raisin and honey is a popular side dish. At home and at times, we have it as part of our breakfast. It is a tasty side and I don’t have enough words to describe how awesome […]

Sweet potato pound cake 5

Sweet Potato Pound Cake

I know it’s not the holidays yet, but I couldn’t resist making sweet potato pound cake after discussing with hubby what else I can make with sweet potatoes, besides I had two beautiful sweet potatoes in the kitchen begging to be used.

sweet potato cream caramel 6

Best Sweet Potato Cream Caramel

As long as I can breathe and stand on my feet, I can never get tired of coming up with new recipes. It’s true that sometimes I fail and the outcome of my effort is not only tasteless but looks ugly too, I didn’t give up for those times when […]