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Cajun Chicken Salad

Raw vegetables are great source of nutrients, so I keep creating new and different recipes of salads. Today I’m sharing something so simple, yet delicious and will fill you up for hours. It’s My Cajun Chicken Salad!

Soft Milk Pita Bread – Stove Top

After posting my previous Pita Bread recipe, I started receiving different questions about the texture and the ingredients of the bread. If you are not familiar with Pita Bread, then you have to know that there are few different types of it.

Chana Dal – Split Yellow Gram

There are few meatless dishes, which I like, and I try to make those dishes tastes good, so when I feel like eating right or when the craze of working out hits me, I can still have delicious food, and enjoy every bite of it, like Chana Dal!

Lemon Rice

The recipe of Lemon Rice I’m sharing today can be a great side dish or a meal. It tastes a lot like the stuffing of Grape leaves (An Arabian dish called Waraq Enab).

Freekeh Chowder A Creamy Healthy Soup

Making Freekeh Chowder! If you have read my posts Freekeh with Chicken and Freekeh with fish, you’ll know how much I and my family enjoy this whole grain and it is full of nutrient. I love my carbs, and although I try to cook healthy food, I’m not fond of […]