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Small image of BBQ chicken wings

Brown Sugar BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Chicken Wings, a simple and tasty finger food. This recipe is perfect for game day and parties. The BBQ sauce is homemade, and you don’t have to cook it. A flavorful tender chicken wings that are baked and are ready within 30 minutes without much effort.

lentil potato creamy soup 1

Lentil Potato Creamy Soup

On my blog, there are few posts on salads and soups and many for desserts, that should tell you something. I guess it’s time I change that. I am taking baby steps and that’s why I’m sharing a Lentil Potato Creamy Soup recipe with you today.

sausage cream soup 5

Sausage Cream Soup Recipe

It supposed to be spring here in New York, but winter keeps peeking every now and then. For the past three days, the temperature been dropping mostly in the morning and late afternoon. I miss summer for I feel the cold deep inside my bones and it’s not a pleasant […]

small image of hummus without tahini.

Hummus without Tahini Recipe

Hummus without tahini is a delicious appetizer, you can have it as a dip or spread. If you are allergic to tahini which is sesame seeds paste, then this hummus recipe is for you. What I’m sharing today is a recipe for a vegan Middle Eastern dip that calls for […]

Chicken Mushroom Cream Soup

Chicken Mushroom Cream Soup

If you have some leftover chicken, please use it to make my Chicken Mushroom Cream Soup. I like creamy soups and I used to make some often when I was trying to eat healthy (if you know what I mean), creamy thick soups used to keep me full for hours!

Beef Beans Lemon Rice

Beef Beans Lemon Rice

You can consider it a main meal, or an appetizer, in both ways this Beef Beans Lemon Rice will for sure satisfy you. I happened to make this dish by accident, what I wanted to make is ground beef with green peas. You must be thinking, these are two different […]

Beef Black Eyed Peas Soup

Beef Black Eyed Peas Soup

If winter was a man, I think it will be tall, with huge muscles, long white hair and beard, and is out there to get me. Yes! This is how I feel about winter.I have some tricks to fight it though, and since I’m not an aggressive person, I choose […]

Curry Flavored Brussels Sprouts

Today I’m sharing my recipe for Curry flavored Brussels Sprouts. When it comes to Brussels sprout, like any food, some love it and some don’t. Most people avoid eating Brussels sprout because of the bitter taste, to avoid having bitter Brussels sprout, remove the core.

Mac and Cheese with Onion and Bell Pepper

I never met anyone who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese, and believe me I’ve tasted different versions of it, that I’ve decided to come up with my own. The problem was what to call it. I guess Baked Mac and Cheese with Onion and Bell pepper sounds convenient!