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Chicken with Mushroom Gravy Recipe

Chicken with Mushroom gravy is what we are going to indulge in today. I have used chicken breast in this recipe, made it juicy and full of flavor. I will teach you how to achieve the same and enjoy every bite with silky, rich mushroom gravy.

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Lemon Cake Recipe With A Delicious Twist

Besides sharing a delicious Lemon Cake Recipe, I am also asking you to enter an amazing Giveaway! But first let’s take a minute and talk about this moist, lemon flavored cake, with caramelized apples and almonds covering its bottom, upgrading this lemon cake recipe to a whole new level of awesomeness.

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Pasta Salad Recipe with Creamy Dressing

Pasta Salad Recipe is not only a wonderful to try, but it plays a great role in encouraging my family into eating healthy. This best served cold and delicious macaroni salad is a crowd pleaser, and please never skip the dressing!

Coconut Cake recipe made from scratch with silky smooth buttercream frosting. My all-time favorite coconut cake recipe. Tender, delicious, moist coconut delight. Make it and let me know how you liked it. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking #coconutcake

Coconut Cake Recipe with Buttercream Frosting

If you want to talk about hidden gems, then let’s talk about this coconut cake recipe. I’ve been hiding this pleasant surprise for a long time. I made this cake a few days back and couldn’t resist but to share it with you. It tastes just like a wedding cake or maybe even better!

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Bagel Recipe Made Easy

Bagel is what I go for when my day is busy, and I have no time to make breakfast. I make my bagel with cinnamon and raisins, and of course a little of that good stuff called butter.

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Perfect Banana Bread Recipe

Perfect Banana Bread Recipe is not just delicious, moist, and full of nuts, but also Hazardous!! Yes, it is! One will have a slice after a slice after another, forgetting how rich this banana bread is. This beauty is dangerous and tempting so be careful, I’m warning you ?

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Tangerine Cake Easy Recipe

This Tangerine Cake recipe makes 6 mini bundt cakes that are so moist and delicate it will melt in your mouth. Just make sure to properly grease and flour your baking pan or mini bundt cake pans!

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Mushroom and Rice Easy One Pot Recipe

Don’t look at this Mushroom and Rice recipe as a side dish, it’s so delicious you’d eat a lot and will want more. One pot recipe, easy to make and the cleanup is a breeze! I have some great tips to make this delight extra special so keep on reading.

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Classic Rice Pudding Recipe

This is my go to rice pudding recipe. Maybe it is a dish that you have no choice but to love that’s why I liked every version I’ve tried! Today I give you a classic, an old fashioned creamy version.

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Best Sloppy Joes Recipe Ever

Best Sloppy Joes – When it comes to making sloppy joes everyone has his own preference. Some like it sweet, some can’t stand the sweetness, others like it spicy. But this recipe should make everyone happy.

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Chicken and Rice Casserole Recipe

Chicken and Rice Casserole – I look at this dish as a romantic treat, it looks good, do not require hours in the kitchen, and the cleaning up is no problem. It gives you time to maybe prepare a side dish or even a light dessert.

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Fall off The Bone Ribs

Fall off The Bone Ribs – We all enjoy ribs, I know I do, and if the ribs fell off the bone and melted into your mouth, then that will be everything, right?! There is a giveaway too so don’t forget to take part.

Roasting A Frozen Turkey. Learn how to roast a frozen turkey while keeping it juicy and tender, plus the recipe for silky gravy made to match the great flavors from the turkey. Roast the perfect turkey. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking

Roasting Frozen Turkey the Right Way

Roasting Frozen Turkey – In this post, I will show you how to roast a turkey while it’s frozen, the tools you will need to keep the cooking process pleasant and safe, and how to make silky, smooth gravy that your family and guests will fall in love with.

Southern Chicken Cornbread Dressing

Southern Chicken Cornbread Dressing – I did hear many calls this side dish stuffing too, and it was explained to me that in the USA when the turkey is stuffed with dressing it is called stuffing rather than dressing.

Green Beans with Turkey Bacon. A delicious side dish, little garlic, little onion, and is insanely satisfying. Learn how to blanch the green beans and maintain a good crunch. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking

Green Beans with Turkey Bacon

Green beans with turkey bacon – I feel that people who are not fond of vegetables are so because they couldn’t find a recipe that present vegetables in a tempting way, or make it tastes good.

Fruitcake Alcohol Free

Fruitcake – Alcohol Free, a kid-friendly cake that you can have the same day you bake it. Tastes just like the authentic fruitcake (maybe even better!). This cake is moist and stays moist for days, in fact, its flavor keeps getting better with time.

Corn On The Cob Buttery Delicious

Corn on the Cob – We all have our preferences when it comes to eating corn. Some like it grilled and some like it boiled. I enjoy eating corn and when you know the basic method of cooking corn on the cob you can get creative be it grilled, boiled, or baked!

Strawberry Fridge Jam. Homemade strawberry jam recipe. Made from scratch strawberry jam’s flavor won’t be found in the store bought. Make your own jam in easy steps and with three ingredients only. This strawberry jam recipe has no pectin. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking

Strawberry Fridge Jam Homemade Recipe

Strawberry Fridge Jam – This jam recipe is the same one you’d use to make a long shelf life jam, where you sterilize the jars and the seals, later submerge the jars in boiling water to help in sealing it, and finally store the jam for a year or so.

Chocolate Crinkles Brownie Like Delicious Cookies

Chocolate Crinkles – The love for chocolate and desserts made of chocolate will never end, not in my book at least. These cookies are everything a chocolate lover seeks if you think brownies, fudge, or chocolate cookies all you have to do is bake these chocolate crinkle cookies.

Grilled Spicy Salmon

Grilled Spicy Salmon – Summer is over, it’s cold, and raining outside but guess what? I want to BBQ! This time the BBQ took place at home and I enjoyed it just as much. Have you tried grilling Salmon? If you did, then you probably know why am I so crazy about it.

Soft Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread. Fluffy and loaded with cinnamon sugar, one slice will never be enough. This cinnamon sugar pull apart bread makes for a great snack, breakfast, or even quick brunch. incredibly tasty soft bread recipe! This bread is sweet enough but you can pour some icing if you wish. www.munatycooking.com | @munatycooking

Soft Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

Soft Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread – Baking this soft cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart bread will be comforting and satisfying! Comforting because you can tell from the moment you mix and knead the dough that the bread is going to be awesome.

Soft Sweet Rolls stuffed with Apple Pie Filling

This post is sponsored by PAM but the opinion expressed in this post is my own and based on my recent experience! Soft Sweet Rolls – My family must have dessert almost every day and I like to keep it as light as possible. Today was a little confusing since I craved apple pie but…

Strawberry Iced Tea Made Easy

Strawberry Iced Tea – Beating the heat this Summer is easy a refreshing Strawberry Iced Tea. This Iced Tea instantly lifts you up, quench your thirst, and the hearty flavor of strawberry will cool you down. 

Blueberry Strawberry Butter Bars

First and foremost, I would like to welcome my new subscribers and I hope that you enjoy the recipes I share. Second, if you are looking for a mind blowing, breath taking treat then this Blueberry Strawberry Butter Bars will be your new favorite.

Blueberry Waffles Recipe

This morning was slow and lazy! I didn’t want to leave my bed. My eight hours of sleep were fully consumed but I wanted three more hours, it’s insane! I rarely feel this way and it was a pain to get out of this mood, but I had a plan to make and freeze some…