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Banana Strawberry Oats Smoothie

banana strawberry oats smoothieSummer or winter, it doesn’t really matter, I love to have a smoothie even when it’s freezing outside. Smoothies did help me when I was on my journey to eat more healthy food. It actually made me love fruits and appreciate the different types and flavor of the vast varieties of fruits out there.

banana strawberry oats smoothie in a glassToday I’m sharing a simple yet healthy smoothie, Banana Strawberry Oats Smoothie.

banana strawberry oats smoothie with fresh strawberries on the side.If it’s summer I suggest chopping the strawberries and bananas and place them in the freezer a while before making this smoothie.

close up image of banana strawberry oats smoothie This blend of goodness is creamy in texture, filling, healthy, smells great, and is a great breakfast. I used full fat milk in this recipe since the amount used is little, and if you’re having this smoothie for breakfast, you do need to feel full longer.

overhead shot of banana strawberry oats smoothie I used honey, since the strawberries were not as sweet as I thought they’ll be, but you can skip the honey and enjoy the sweetness of the fruits, although honey is a good source of energy and it won’t harm to have it in your smoothie.


Banana Strawberry Oats Smoothie

Serves one. 266 calories per serving

 1/2 cup chopped banana

1/2 cup chopped strawberry

2 teaspoon honey (optional)

1 tablespoon quick oats

1/2 cup milk


– Add all the ingredients in a blender, blend well and enjoy.





  1. For a glass of smoothie, 266 calories are quite a bit, ain’t they? But heck, it’s DELICIOUS! I want one too, Muna.

    • munatycooking

      I agree, but I like to have it for breakfast with some protein on the side to boost my morning 😉

  2. Damn delicious morning boost!
    your photograph is awesome, tickle my taste buds for sure….

  3. I love the idea of oats in her. I bet it helps keep you satisfied longer. So pretty too!

  4. I love smoothies! Adding oats sounds pretty good!

  5. Loves smoothies…
    Comes summer, which is soon for us, smoothies will be my go to drink for breakfast, no morning tea for me 🙂

  6. My mornings usually consist of a smoothie for breakfast so this recipe is just perfect for me to recreate! I love the combination of banana, strawberries and oats.. thanks for sharing it!

    • munatycooking

      Thanks Thalia, I sometimes add dates instead of honey just to give myself more energy boost 🙂

  7. I’m still drinking my smoothies everyday after workout and I am planning to make your smoothie tomorrow. I have oats and wondering about adding in my smoothies…and I saw your post! It is meant to be. 🙂 Thank you for the recipe! Looking forward to my morning glass!

  8. Who wouldn’t love this smoothie? I love that you added oats. And look at those beautiful strawberries!

  9. So delicious. I have strawberries and bananas arriving with my shopping today, so I shall be trying this for breakfast tomorrow. Pinned!

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