K-Cup Overhaul For Hotels: Is Green The New Thing?

I wanted to share this post with you since it got something to do with what we consume on daily basis (Coffee). In this post I won’t teach you how to make a great tasting coffee, instead, I want to open your eyes to the efforts Keurig made to create a better environment for us!

Quit a arguably nothing changed the coffee world as much as the Keurig K-Cup. They seemed to be the perfect idea: someone who only wanted one cup of coffee didn’t have to go through the hassle of making a whole pot with grinds in it, and K-Cups cut down on cleanup time. It made perfect sense until people started to notice the cups filling up the landfills and thinking about the exorbitant amount that one cup of coffee now costs.

The K-Cup didn’t just revolutionize the way that Americans drank their morning joe at home; it simplified how industries could serve single cups of piping-hot coffee to patrons that never tasted like it had been burning all day long. They provide a more customized feel to your coffee; businesses from your mom-and-pop local hairdressers to hotel chains switched over to the innovative miracle pod of almost-brewed coffee.

k140-frontSoon enough it wasn’t just the little bars of barely-used hotel soap and conditioner bottles that were filling up trash cans. The waste extended to K-Cup overflow, and hotel chains began to recognize that the courtesy cup of coffee in the front office or in the hotel room was becoming quite expensive and not very environmentally friendly.


In 2015 alone, statistics indicated that as many as 20 billion K-Cups were consumed around the globe, which leads to a substantial amount of plastic containers finding their way into landfills. In response, not only those who are guided by wanting to go green, but also those looking for a cheaper alternative, began to experiment with recyclable K-Cups. In fact, Keurig has promised the world that by 2020, 100% of their cups will be made from recyclable and recycled material.


Other K-Cup makers are doing what Keurig has promised in a much quicker time frame and insist that they have developed a cup made from recycled material that has a much longer shelf life. The new type of K-Cup manufactured by companies like Intelligent Blends has made the cups much more oxygen- and moisture- free, which has upped their expiration date by as much as ten times that given by the regular recycled alternative.


It isn’t just their attention to more green materials like ones used by boyds coffee supplier; the company is also mixing all sorts of things together to carve out a new niche for itself. Adding things like apple cider and energy drinks to their brand, they have started a hotel chain following that is targeting not just those who drink coffee, but anyone who is looking for a freebie.


They aren’t stopping with the recycled material; there is a rumor that Intelligence Blends is set to release a K-Cup that is completely compostable, meaning no more waste in landfills. This leaves a much more positive feel for the hotel industry and their clientele, and the hope is to launch their new K-Cup alternative within the next couple of months.


Intelligence Blends is not the only K-Cup innovator on the block. Other companies like Club Coffee are also promising 100% recyclable material. The ring of the pod on their smart and green K-Cup is made from the skin of — what else? A coffee bean. The pod is completely 100% biodegradable. It isn’t just saving the environment; it’s also a healthier alternative for coffee drinkers. Without any risk of plastic chemicals leaking into the drink, it is a great alternative for those hotel chains that want to target the upper echelon of coffee drinkers.


Other companies trying to get in on the green coffee trend is Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee Inc. They offer a variety of blends of coffees and teas to supply hotels around the nation. AP Plastics is also catching up to the trend by launching their own single cup display pod to be used as a single serve in the room. They are not only touting themselves as the first to take over the Mr. Coffee in-room crowd, but they have also designed a display system that has accessories and condiments to thrill every hotel-goer.


Some hotel chains are holding onto the filter, pot and single-serve coffee system for in-room complimentary coffee. But the switch over to greener, fancier K-Cups might leave hotel-goers with a much more customized and high-end feel.







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