Refreshing Bars of Yasso – Review

strawberry-largeSummer is here and this means slaps of heat! I never liked summer except for the fact that I can have more cold drinks and ice cream 🙂

Going to the beach in the summer to cool down is out of the question, since filling my lungs with hot air is no fun!

yasso frozen yogurt 4Did I tell you that I bought a new Ice cream maker? If you follow me on Instagram (which you should) you’ll see how I bragged about it, this means more ice cream and more sorbets, ahhh!

But this summer I also found another way to indulge in something cold, creamy, and healthy. Yasso offered me a free coupon to try their Frozen Greek Yogurt, and boy was I excited.

I got the strawberry flavor, I think strawberry is one of the most refreshing fruits. There are four bars in one box, I wished they had a combination of different flavors in a box.

Yasso frozen yogurt, is fat free, has no artificial sweeteners (this means no awful after taste), have natural ingredients, and is 80 calories per bar, Y-E-S!

yasso frozen yogurt 1 The taste was good, although I expected the flavor of strawberry to be stronger. The texture was creamy and rich, but I couldn’t taste the tang one usually taste when eating something that have yogurt.

It melts nicely in your mouth, this means there are no artificial ingredients in it. It’s refreshing and the fact that it’s healthy takes the guilt away when you reach for the second bar!

The sweetness! I’d say it’s as sweet as a sweet fruit, it’s not loaded with sugar like your regular ice cream, kids may not go crazy after it for this reason. But if you’re trying to reduce sugar in your diet, these bars are perfect, this beside Yasso has 11 different flavors, I and my husband can’t wait to try their Sea Salt Caramel and Vanilla flavor.

By the way, Yasso frozen yogurt can be converted into a very rich and delicious smoothie if you blend it with fresh fruits. Be creative with your Yasso 🙂


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