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Beef Burger Pizza Recipe

Yes, I’m posting pizza recipe AGAIN! I’ve expressed many times before how much we love pizza and I didn’t lie, I asked hubby dearest what he wants for lunch and it took him a second to answer (Pizza). I’m not going to act as if I didn’t want pizza too, but this time, I thought of making Beef Burger Pizza.

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Chicken Tikka Pizza

To me pizza is like an open sandwich, It’s fun to play around with the toppings and be creative, all you have to do really is to think of your favorite dish and spread it on the pizza dough with a light sauce. Today and because I crave pizza and Indian food often, I bring you Chicken Tikka Pizza.

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BBQ Chicken Pizza

Last night I watched a cooking show, and the topic was on BBQ. Everything looked so good I could almost smell it. Obviously, I started craving BBQ food, and so I made BBQ Chicken Pizza 🙂

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Spicy Chicken Pasta Pizza

Do you like spicy food? Then I have something for you 🙂 You must be thinking where is the Pizza. There is no Pizza in this post, sorry! However, this recipe will make you think Hmmm Pizza, since it has similar flavor if not more.

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Sun Dried Tomato Pizza – Low Calorie

We agree that Carbs will get you hungry faster than when having protein, and it can add to your waist if consumed in big portions.

ramadan iftar menu

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Ramadan Iftar Menu – 20 recipes

Wow! It’s the second day of Ramadan already. If you didn’t know, Ramadan is the month when Muslims around the world fast from Dawn until Sunset, no drinking, and no eating. In Ramadan, Muslims should not commit sins or any act that can anger Allah Subhanaho Wa Ta’la.

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Cheesy Breakfast Casserole [Giveaway Closed]

You know how I love cheese, so when I got the chance to try Arla Dofino’s cheese I was thrilled. When it comes to cheese, I like it mild but tasty, and that’s exactly how Dofino’s Havarti cheese tastes. Get $1 off on any Arla Dofino product. I’ve decided to create two dishes using Dofino’s Havarti cheese and today I’m…

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Baked Chicken – Low Calorie

Just like many, I enjoy good fried chicken. It is crunchy from the outside and tender from the inside, smells good and tastes even better. I wish it came without all the calories!

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Baked Fennel and Struffoli – A Little Bit of Italy

This post is loaded with deliciousness. My friend and Author Deborah Cater have introduced me to two new Italian dishes, and I’m glad she did. You probably know Deborah through her articles in MunatyCooking Magazine, July and August issues. I’ve enjoyed cooking, taking pictures, and of course eating these dishes. I hope that my photography gave these beautiful dishes justice….