Mint Lemonade


Summer! One month is like a year, no matter how much I try to defeat its heat, I mostly fail. When I leave the house, even if I ran to my car, still can’t escape the powerful slap of the heat.

I can use Ice-Cream to cool down my burning soul on those awful awful days, when the temperature is so stubborn and won’t stop rising, but then something else will rise, my weight!
So I surrender to this fine drink which cools me down, without landing on my thighs.

I have used mint and Lemon Syrup.


1/2 cup lemon juice
1 cup water at room temperature
3 cups cold water
Sugar syrup to taste
2 -3 Slices of lemon
Around 10 leaves of mint
Cubes of ice
– Pour 1 cup water at room temperature in the jug.
– Add the syrup to the water and blend well.
– Pound the mint leaves with the back of a spoon, this will bring out the oil in the mint.
– Put the mint leaves in the jug and pour the 3 cups of cold water on top.
– Blend well, now add the lemon slices and pour in a glass full of Ice.
– Let it sit for 3 minutes and enjoy.
*If you want to refrigerate this drink remove the mint leaves, since its taste will turn bitter and will get darker in color.  

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